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Silverfish is a wingless insect but moves very fast. You might get irritated if noticed silverfish crawling inside your residential premises. They usually create their habitat in dark areas. It generally targets humans during night-time. You even cannot imagine the damages which silverfish do if get enter inside. So while silverfish control, professionals even target your waste newspapers or books.  These creepy insects generally search residential places in autumn or spring seasons. The places which silverfish choose for their habitat are sinks, wooden artifacts, bathroom, kitchen, and basements.

Moth Control Service
Moth Control Service

Treatments Used for Removal of Silverfish


It is the best technique through which moisture content get reduces. There are ample of reasons which can give rise to humidity such as:

  • Leaking pipes
  • No proper ventilation 
  • Standing water in your surrounding

Therefore with certain equipment, professional try to dehumidify your residential areas.


No doubt it is the simplest method which you can even do yourself. For silverfish removal, it is important to eradicate the pest even from cracks by vacuuming.

Trapping Silverfish

Running behind silverfish is not possible at all, thus there are some trapping strategies which silverfish pest control service provider implement for trapping. With the monitoring traps, professional can easily extract a large amount of silverfish from your house. Even by using gel and sprays, silverfish are collected by the professionals.

Two Strategies Followed by Professionals for Silverfish Removal

Pest Destroy professionals implement some services which can eradicate silverfish from your house. But before starting any operation full-proof planning is important. Thus there are two steps which we consider.


Without investigating it is impossible to target silverfish, thus professional make use of proper techniques. The inspection process is used to identify the damages or signs of infestation. 


Proper treatments are applied for removing the silverfish. For eradication process, some modern equipments are used for spraying the chemicals inside holes.  

Preventive Measures Which You Can Use After Silverfish Control Services

  • It is important to keep your food items in tight containers. Do not leave your food sources uncovered
  • Regular vacuuming is essential for maintaining air-quality
  • You can use dehumidifiers, to remove the moisture content. These techniques are either used for removing food sources or can apply in damp basements. 
  • Proper ventilation is necessary, so for proper humidity removal, you can keep proper space for vents. 
  • It is important to make use of certain products, even after removal of silverfish
Expert Moth Control Service
Expert Moth Control Service

Silverfish control is not so tough, but the only thing it requires proper investigation to remove the eggs or larvae. 

How Can We Help You With Silverfish Control?

Pest Destroy service providers are there to make your tough removal process easier. We are aware of the fact that even a wingless insect can spread infestation very fast. Thus we provide ample of treatments whether it is about silverfish removal or healthy hygiene.

  • Safe pest control solutions 
  • 24/7 services at your doorsteps
  • Trapping silverfish and eradication of eggs
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