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Local Rodent Pest Control in Brisbane

Rodents such as rats and mice are a threat to you, your family and your home. Needless to say, they not only create a mess all-around but also attract ticks, mites, and lice. Remember how they chew the wires and almost everything that comes in their way? Further, their drops of urine on the floor and everywhere around create an unhygienic atmosphere, thus making you prone to a range of diseases.

This should not happen to you and your family. Save yourself from the entire nuisance with Pest Destroy. We are a leading pest control company in Brisbane and deal with all kinds of pest control services including the likes of rodents, ants, mites, fleas, flies, termites, and others.

Rodent Pest Control

Rodent Pest Control

How to Know if Your Place is Invaded by Rodents?

Rats are nocturnal and generally hide from humans. These are a very serious problem and should be treated urgently. Call our expert rodent pest control services in Brisbane once you notice any signs which indicate the presence of rodents in your house:


If you hear a scurry sound under the beds and in the cupboards, chances are high that pests have invaded your place.


Rodents leave tapered and dark colored droppings.

Ripped Packages of Food

If you see that the food packages are torn and marks of teeth on the packets, the probability is high that there may be rodents around.

Bite Marks

Rats have gnawing teeth. They continuously bite plastic and wood to keep their teeth trimmed.


Rodents build nests in warm areas, with the shredded materials of paper and plastic.


If you see burrows in the gardens especially in the compost heaps and under the decking.

Best Rodent Control

Best Rodent Control

When to Call For Professional Rodent Pests Control Services?

You might think that it is quite easy to deal with pest infestation. There are several methods available in the common home improvement stores. Traps and poisons might provide a short-term relief, but can be harmful to your family and atmosphere.

Thus, it is highly recommended to hire the expert pest control services of Pest Destroy once you notice any visible signs:

  • If you see that there are multiple nests around the house
  • If you see shredded paper here and there
  • If after the use of home methods, the infestations re-occur.
  • If you are not able to control rodent infestation even by placing traps and baits.

In such cases, the pest control experts of Pest Destroy are here to assist you in locating the nests and sources of infestations. We will also help in sorting out the problem such that no such future infestations occur.

Our Rodent Removal Services

Pest Destroy offers a variety of rodent removal services and utilizes several methods so as to get you rid of the rodent’s infestations in your house. Our pest control experts start with an examination of the exterior property from where these rodents are entering. We have a close look to the dumpsters, vegetation, grass, standing water, and the clutters. Next, we go through the warehouses, water disposals, sanitation areas and the food storages. Then based on the type of infestation, here are a few steps that we follow:

Expert Rodent Control

Expert Rodent Control

  • Eliminating the Breeding Grounds

    Once the whole examination of the exterior and the interior of the house is done, our pest control professionals destroy the infestation by destroying the breeding grounds, burrows, food sources and the nests in the houses.

  • Use of Chemical Pesticides

    If the infestation is severe, we might go for eco-friendly chemical treatments like poison baits and rodenticides. Our professionals will provide you information where the chemicals have been placed and will also advice safety measure regarding the treatment given. They will also advise you about the hygiene and proofing so as to prevent any future infestations.

  • Biological Control

    In this, we use a bio-bait that is a complex mixture of grain, immunosuppressive agent and a specific pathogen (Salmonella sp.). This kills the rodents by a process known as septicemia. We make you aware of the safety measures that you should adopt when we place them in the house.

  • Mechanical Control

    We control the rodents mechanically in the following way:

  • Entry Proofing

    Drains, ducts, doors, and windows are the main entry points for the rodents. Experts of Pest Destroy start by sealing these entry points with the help of wired nets. For the grain stores and poultry houses, rodent deflectors made up of simple sheet material are used to prevent rodents from entering inside.

  • Trapping

    We further help you in trapping the rodents with the help of cages, glue trap, and the likes. The traps trip down as soon as the rodents walk into it. The cages work by luring the rodents into the enclosure that has a trap door and the glue traps attract the mice when they enter the house.

How to Prevent Rodent Infestation?

Early actions should be taken to maintain a rodent free home because they have a high reproducing rate and the infestations become full-blown in very little time. advise the following tips to keep the rodents away from your house:

  • Keep the sources of food away from these rodents. If there is any spilled food on the ground, clean it as early as possible.
  • Keep the dry food sources like cereals and grains covered and sealed to prevent any contamination.
  • Fruits and vegetables should also be kept covered, waste materials should also be disposed of properly.
  • Avoid any cardboard in the houses as these are their favorite, they chew them for making their nests.
  • In the gardens, keep the compost piles far away from the structures.
  • Avoid plating ivy’s as these act as ladders for these rodents.
  • Also, keep the firewood off from the ground so as to mitigate the shelters.
  • Do not hang bird feeders as these may act as food sources for them.

Commercial Rodent Control

Rodent infestation anywhere in your commercial space like office or building can cause havoc. Rodents will damage the property and belongings/ Rodents will also lead to bad hygiene and promote bad office environment. Pest Destroy offers the best Rodent Control Service for your commercial spaces. We use the latest methods and techniques for catching, trapping or removing any number of rats. We will handle and eradicate rodent infestations from your commercial space within a day. Hire Pest Destroy today and get rid of all the rodents for your property within the same day of hiring.

Commercial Rodent Control

Commercial Rodent Control

Why Hire Pest Destroy?

Pest Destroy has a specialized rodent management system that executes multiple control strategies. Here are a few reasons why you should hire our pest control services:

  • Our services are completely safe for the members of the family as we advise them at each and every step.
  • Our services include regular check-ups and monitoring visits to every area of your house.
  • Our pest control experts understand each method and make sure that the entire infestation has been addressed.
  • Our technicians are trained and know how their products work and where to put them inside or outside the house and in how much quantity.
  • We also offer free inspection and price quotes for our service so feel free to call
  • We also provide other pest control services such as bed bugs, ticks, cockroaches, ants, wood borers, bees, and termites.

Rodents are very clever mammals; they contaminate, infest and destroy more than they feed if your house is also facing such a problem then go for the rodent pest control services of the Call us today!

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