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Lowest Priced Ant Control Solutions in Adelaide

Ant Control Adelaide – Are you one of those who can’t bear the site of ants in their homes? Do you want to eliminate ants from your house completely without using any harmful chemicals? Come to Pest Destroy Adelaide. We have eco-friendly ant control treatments with 100% guaranteed results. Using tried and tested ant control techniques along with industry level tools Pest Destroy delivers remarkable ant control results.

Ant Control Solutions in Adelaide

Ant Control Solutions in Adelaide

Pest Destroy promises you full value for money with our ant control solutions. Also, we book appointments as per your convenience. So if you want ant control treatment to be done on a public holiday then we can get it done at no additional cost. Call us to know more about our pest control services!

Types of Ants

Adelaide is mainly infested with four types of ants, including:

  • Black Ants –

    These are the most commonly found ants that forage the homes of Adelaide. Black ants mostly target your kitchen areas. They get especially attracted by sweet food items. They have expertise in making their nests in roof voids and walls.

  • Brown Ants –

    Brown ants are usually found in pantries or kitchen. They sometimes attack bathroom areas as well. You will notice they come from nowhere and even after you clean them up, they will re-appear very soon.

  • Argentine Ants –

    Argentine ants are small brown ants widespread in Adelaide. These ants cause infestation majorly around cooler months and make their nests in buildings. They increase their numbers during the summers and start hiding in gardens, compost bins, and pot plants. You can also find them looking for food in dead animals and rubbish bins.

  • Coastal Brown Ants –

    Coastal Brown ants are a common species in Adelaide. These are usually seen making their nests in garden areas and within a building.

Signs of ant infestation at your Place

Ant infestation is a common form of pest infestation. You can look for below-mentioned points for signs of ant infestation at your place.

  • Live Ants:

    If you notice a large number of ants anywhere in your place. Frequent sightings of multiple ants are a sure shot sign of ant infestation. Ants follow each other in a long tra8il form their nests t food source

  • Ant Pathways:

    Trails of ants are a common sign of ant infestation. Ants leave pheromones which other ants follow. If you see just a few ants following a trail then chances are you have an ant infestation.

  • Ant Nests:

    An ant nest can easily be spotted in your backyard, garden or even inside your homes. Their nests look like a pile of dust or mud. Some ants also prefer dark and untouched places and often it is difficult to notice their nests.

Threats of An Ant Infestation

We have a lot to offer to ants in our homes; specifically in our kitchens. So an ant infestation is not shocking. However, there is no need to put up with ants anymore. With Pest Destroy being extremely affordable pest control service provider in Adelaide, now you can say bye to any kind of pest infestation including an ant infestation. It should not be ignored at any cost because there are serious repercussions of an ant infestation, such as:

Threats of an Ant Infestation

Threats of an Ant Infestation

  • Ants contaminate food.
  • Ants increase too quickly.
  • Bites of red ants can cause severe pain in humans.
  • Ants can cause structural damage.
  • Ants can damage electrical wiring.
  • Some ants inject venoms in the human body that can cause anaphylaxis.
  • A combined attack from several ants can be fatal too.
  • Ants spread bacteria and germs.

So, having ants at your home is neither hygienic nor a good idea. If you find out that your house is infested with ants, immediately get in touch with Pest Destroy for guaranteed ant control treatment.

Our Ant Control Treatment

Pest Destroy has been serving Adelaide with guaranteed ant control treatment for over 20 years now. With our ant control treatment you can be sure of the following:

Our Ant Control Treatment in Adelaide

Our Ant Control Treatment in Adelaide

  • Quick removal of ants
  • Complete removal of ants from home
  • Eco-friendly ant control treatment
  • Fast service
  • Non-hazardous and industry level quality products
  • Co-operative and friendly staff
  • Complete safety of kids and pets
  • Service available all across Adelaide

Pest Destroy is a reliable name in Adelaide for delivering quality pest control services for various kinds of pests. We are equipped to handle ant infestation in the finest and safest possible way. What’s more? Our services are priced at the lowest cost in Adelaide so our customers can get the best of service at the least of the price!

Our Ant Control Process

Did you recently spot an ant in your home? This means that you need the services of a pest control company. These lone ants are known as scouts and their core job is to look for food. Once these scouts find food, they bring in their entire colony into your house. At Pest Destroy Adelaide, we use the following ant control process:

  • Detailed Inspection –

    Our first aim is to figure out the location of the ant colony and the extent of damage to your property.

  • Ant Treatment –

    We have special kind of insecticides in the form of a powder. We use this powder on the scout ants and they carry the same back to their nest. The entire colony of ants will feed on this and destroy them completely.

  • Prevention After Observation –

    After effective observation, our technicians will also follow up on the pest control treatment. This step ensures that the ant infestation does not recur.  You will also be provided certain tips on how you can prevent and control an ant infestation in future.

Don’t tolerate ants anymore in your life. Call Pest Destroy Adelaide today and ask for a free quote for bio-friendly ant control treatments.

Location: Adelaide, VIC, Australia

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