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Spiders have eight legs and two body fragments (The Cephalothorax is The Front Body Area and The Midriff is The Second Segment of The Body) associated by a slim abdomen. They are scientifically named as Arachnida, spiders are quite different from all other kind of bugs or insects found in your place.

There are around 35,000 species of spiders available in the world. Whereas some of them are quite dangerous and poisonous and some are not. A wide range of spiders lives in and around residences.

Most of the spiders in a home stay undetected generally, existing in cool regions and dim spaces, and becomes active at the night time. Mostly the spiders are harmless except the dangerous species of spiders which requires immediate medical attention. Other than that, the spiders which are commonly found in our house are harmless and they will also not bite till they are threatened.

Spider Control Adelaide
Spider Control Adelaide

Types of Spider Species Commonly Found in Australia Are:

  • White-tailed spider (Lampona murina)
  • Black house spider (Badumna insignis)
  • Brown Spiders (Loxosceles Recluse)
  • Sac Spiders (Cheiracanthium mildei)
  • Jumping Spiders (Salticus scenicus)

The Two Dangerous Species of Australian Spiders Are:

  • Red back spider (Latrodectus hasselti)
  • Funnel-web spider (genera Atrax and Hadronyche).

They are mainly attracted to the places like warm, dark small places which mainly found in the wall cracks, corners of your houses or walls, air-vents and also in eaves of your place. Some type of spiders like the moisture environment and found in the basements, damp parts and the crawl spaces of your places. Whereas some others type like the dry or warm areas like the air vents, upper corners etc. Like it, all depends as per the different species of Spiders Infestations.

Expert Spider Control Adelaide
Expert Spider Control Adelaide

Identifying Spider Infestation

You can look for following signs for identifying spider infestation in your home

  • The most common sign of spider infestation is multiple webs and nest. If your place has multiple spider webs then chances are you are facing spider infestation.
  • Frequent sightings of multiple spiders around your property is also a direct sign of spider infestation.
  • Untouched places of your property can be checked for spider webs. If you see any number of webs than that particular place is affected by spider infestation.
  • Some spiders live in nests, not in their webs. If you see spiders moving through cracks, or between pipes or cupboards than you are facing spider infestation.

General tips to keep Spider Infestation away from your Place

Follow these below-mentioned tips to keep spider infestation away from your homes

  • Follow routine cleaning of your home from time to time. A well clean and hygienic home will repel spiders and prevent their infestation.
  • Use vacuum cleaners with an extendable hose to remove their webs from every corner of your home. If you frequently vacuum the walls and ceilings then spiders will avoid inhabiting there.
  • Kill or terminate any sign of insects or bugs. These insects can further attract spiders so if you are facing insect infestation then treat it first to prevent spider infestation.
  • Keep your food items in closed and sealed containers. Make sure you wash your fruits and vegetable after they are brought in. Keep your kitchen and dining place clean and hygienic.

Control Measures

Some common manual measures to control the breeding of spiders from your residential and commercial property are followings:

Best Spider Control Adelaide
Best Spider Control Adelaide
  • To keep your spaces neat and clean
  • Destroy their eggs than their webs as their eggs can also lead to hundreds of young spiders.

Spider Control Treatments

The common treatments which may help in treating the problem of spiders from your residential and commercial property:

  • Clean or brush your floors and walls on regular basis to expel spiders, their webs, and their egg sacs.
  • Reduce the mess around the areas to make them less attractive for the spiders like from the areas as wardrobes, basements, garages etc.
  • Move firewood, stacked items, and the other debris far from your house or building
  • Install the tight-fitting window screens and entryway scopes to avoid spiders.
  • Consider introducing yellow or sodium vapor lights at the entrance of your place as they are less alluring to spiders.

Professional Spider Extermination

We have a team of skilled experts in the field of Spider Control Services in which we mostly use the non-poisonous, viable, and environmentally safe techniques and instruments which all are 100% protected and secure for your family and employees.

We will ensure to give you a spider free atmosphere with the objective that your family can live in a healthy conditions.  

Professional Spider Control Adelaide
Professional Spider Control Adelaide

Our professionals works 24*7 to make a healthy environment for your employees as well as for your family.

The Spider Extermination Programs Which Pest Destroy Offers are of Two Types Such As:

  1. Chemical treatment program
  2. Mechanical and spider spray extermination program

Our experts will visit your place and then can guide you the best and permanent treatment from the spider issues. Pest Destroy also provides a proper follow-up service to our clients which will reduce the chances of future spider infestation at your home or office.

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